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Jennifer Neuland-Gerlach
Guitar & Vocals

Jennifer is the storyteller of Girlz in Treble, whose emotional journey into each lyric leaves the audience spellbound. Her years of vocal training give her the ability to use her voice in some of the most expressive, heart-wrenching ways you’ll ever hear. With a voice that's diverse in timbre, she brings the heart and folk to our ensemble.

Stephanie Jones
Keyboard & Vocals

Stephanie's vocal range and purity of tone add beauty, class, and power to our harmonies. Her musical background, ranging from opera to rock, has a distinct influence on our song choices and our ability to widen our range in song styles.  She subtley rounds out our trio on the keyboard.

Kathleen Vanderbeck
Guitar & Vocals

The best word to describe Kathleen’s style is sultry. Her rich tones are like dark chocolate, best accompanied by whiskey and cigars. She adds depth and warmth to our group in a way very few female vocalists can. Her guitar talents along with her wit, humor, and penchant for jazz have us exploring chords and sounds outside the box.

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